Is VR AR XR Out of Date?

Many people have made such an argument recently, but is it so?

We can discuss the answer to this question from many aspects. The core factor is whether XRs having niche values in your use case.

When did the trend start?

This wave of XR started in 2016. The industry initially expected VR technology to make certain breakthroughs in home video games, arcade stores, and physical exhibitions. The VR content industry is indeed growing everywhere. AR technology has reached its climax due to the Pokémon mobile games, and at that time, all the marketing campaigns had to involve an AR APP to satisfy the customers. Now in 2022, we cannot deny that the prosperous age of XR has passed, and topics of XR have been replaced with topics of AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and the metaverse.

But does VR remain just a internet sensation and is good for nothing?

VR/AR Technology

Reality technologies such as VR/AR are topics under applied science and were born after computer graphics, 3D, and computer vision technologies matured. These technologies and the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT combined to become the current hottest technology – the metaverse. So, the metaverse is not replacing the XR technology but inheriting it.

Wheels were invented 6000 years ago. However, no matter how our vehicles have developed, wheels are still used in them as the fundamental element. So, as long as a good solution remains effective and handy, it can be passed on whether it is new or not.

Features of VR Panorama Virtual Tour

  1. People are familiar with the experience and the operation methods.
  2. The online layout and atmosphere are like that of a real exhibition.
  3. The exhibits and additional information are presented as high-resolution images.
  4. Production cost is reasonable.

These features explain why VR panorama virtual tours can keep on evolving.

Portfolio of Panosensing

Familiar with Google Street View Operations

Thanks to the development of Google Street View for more than a decade ago, everyone has already familiarized themselves with operating a panorama system. In contrast with an exhibition space that is in fully 3D, people have been used to and familiarized themselves with operating panorama systems.

Presenting the atmosphere of an exhibition hall along with the exhibits

Panoramic photos taken on-site can show the current state and atmosphere of the exhibition hall, unlike the version of the 3D virtual exhibition or the online shopping exhibition solutions, both of which cannot present the actual exhibition hall as seen in reality.

Additional information of the exhibits

High-resolution panorama shooting is one of Panosensing’s secret technologies. We can display the exhibits in high definition and high resolution. We can also combine 3D models, panoramic photos, 360 videos, multimedia content, PDF files and other third-party web pages to show far richer and more comprehensive content.

Reasonable cost

A reasonable cost is also important for the exhibition hall sponsors to consider. Well, Panosensing’s production expenses are higher (due to high quality) than other panorama production providers. However, the costs of producing a customized virtual exhibition scene using a full 3D model will be several times higher than that charged by Panosensing. Therefore, if you weigh our quality, visual effects and effectiveness against our reasonable production cost, Panosensing’s VR panoramic virtual tours are your best choice.

Please don’t miss Panosensing’s solutions before planning your online exhibition. More than one museum officials already told us how regretfully they felt not cooperating with us sooner. Due to this reason, we have been working hard to promote ourselves.

For those of you who have read this far, I hope that you are on the right track on the first try~~

Please get in touch with us if you have any doubts!

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