Interactive 3D Websites

         After completing the National Taichung Theater project and the Kiss Science project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, interactive 3D web design has become one of PANOSENSING’s strengths.

         We participated in the production of the situation room user-interface for the Linkou Startup Terrace smart building by chance, which allowed us to put our efforts into a brand-new field of application.

         We have also started to provide 3D interface visualization services. Whether an interactive situation room or a 3D engineering visualization interface, we can sync the database to the back-end API and send real-time data to the front-end 3D visualization interface.

         Manufacturers and units who need to create 3D situation room visualization are welcome to research and develop the system with us.

         The Linkou Startup Terrace boardroom case: the Linkou Startup Terrace smart building system monitors the information on people flow, access control, power consumption, air quality, and space utilization, which were displayed in the form of dashboards traditionally. We combined these data with 3D models through spatial information integration so that users can browse the information stored in different database through simple and intuitive 3D operations.
         The National Taichung Theater case: The biggest feature of the National Taichung Theater is its building, designed by Toyo Ito. He used curved walls to form a building shaped like an ant nest and cleverly hid the Grand Theater and the Playhouse between the curved walls. The asymmetrical building design has made it hard for people to find their way once they enter the theatre. PANOSENSING uses browsers to display the theatre’s 3D model, allowing people to operate the 3D model while using a common browser to read the webpage. They can also choose to view the building exterior or in perspective (with the outer wall broken), through which they can easily and quickly grasp the information on the building structure and sites to reduce the chance of getting lost. At the same time, architecture fans who are fascinated by buildings can also take a peek at the internal structure of the National Taichung Theater.


★ Please refer to our portfolio for more cases~

▼ Linkou Startup Terrace boardroom – Presentation of visualization

▼ The National Taichung Theater – Theater virtual tour